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far away 用作表语或状语,away可以省去,因此,far away = far ; far away from = far from far (away) 后不接宾语;far (away) from 后一定要接宾语. The do not live far away. 他们住得并不远. far from除了表示距离的”远离”之外,还有”远...

be away from,远离, 离开。。。 It's natural for children to grow away from their family. 孩子们长大以后离开家庭是很自然的事。 来自《简明英汉词典》 固定搭配只有上一个! be away for。。 因。。。而离开; 离开(多长时间) He will b...

leave是离开,leave somewhere,离开一个地方.(强调动作) be away from ,离开.be away from here 离开这里,从这离开.(强调状态)

Be away from 指远离某物的状态 Keep away from 指远离某物的动作 Far away from 远离的程度更甚

区别是: be away from指的是:距离;远离;从…离开。 take away from指的是:夺去;减损。 例句辨析: be away from 1、Don't think it hasn't torn me apart to be away from you. 不骗你,离开你让我痛苦万分。 2、I can't be away from you f...

leave for, 意为“动身前往”,for 后接目的地。 be away from相当于leave,意为“离开”,from后接出发地点。 请采纳

away 属于副词,后面不能直接加名词,代名词的。 所以这里必须是be away from home .. 望采纳,谢谢

be xxx(distance) away from some place 距离某地xxx远 e.g. The post office is 1 mile away from here. 邮局距离此地一公里远。

go away 是走开,离开 比如 He went away just now.他刚才离开了。 be away 表示离开的状态,或者距离有多远 比如 His home is 5 km's away from here.

1far away from 远离,离...远 = apart from/remote from 例句: Like these men, my wife and I and my coworkers are all far awayfrom anywhere we might call home. 就像这些人一样,我和我的妻子以及同事们都远离了我们可以叫做家的地方。 ...

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