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BE CArE For与BE CArE oF有何区别

区别如下: care of:一般为take care of,意思是照顾 care for 照顾 care about 关心 详细解释: 一、care for be fond of 喜爱 She doesn t care for that colour.她不喜欢那种颜色. She did not care for him.她不喜欢他. 2.take c...

序号 Chinese English 1 在许多方面 in many ways 在某些方面 in some ways 2 照顾;照料 care for = take care of = look after 被照顾;照料 be...

1 there is sth (for sb) to do 此处是省略了for sb,所以do是相对于sb而言,并非相对于sth而言。sb具体指什么需要看句意,一般在指for me或者for us,就会省略掉了,如果是指其他人,一般不会省略。 如: there are some cookies to eat! 有饼...

这个是三个的比较吧 like 喜欢喜爱(个人意愿,情感上的喜欢) be fond of 喜欢喜爱(喜欢或者爱好的喜欢) care for 介意,喜欢,关心。偏照顾,介意。 Good night!晚安!

She doesn't care for that colour I am full of confidence I'll try my best to pass the exam.

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