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BE DiFFiCult to Do sth是什么意思

1、be difficult to do sth 做某事是困难的 例:It is difficult to answer this question.这个问题很难回答。 2、It is difficult for sb to do sth: 做某事对某人来说很难。 例: It is difficult for me to do the task.

be difficult for sb to do sth是 为某人做某事是是困难的 difficult 英 [ˈdɪfɪkəlt] 美 [ˈdɪfɪˌkʌlt, -kəlt] adj. 困难的;难做的;难解的;不易相处的 双语例句 Hobart found it difficult to...

您好! be difficult in doing sth 翻译为:做某事有困难 【附】be difficult in doing sth的相关例句: 1.What am I difficult in doing? 我对做什么比较感到困难? 2.I wonder whether you are difficult in doing processing business with us...

It's difficult for me to study math

It's too difficult for me to solve the problem in ten minutes.

It is difficult to forget you. It is necesaary to learn English.

I have something to tell you, and please have a sit before it. After a whole night thinking, I think it's better for both of us to ...

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