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BE DiFFiCult to Do sth是什么意思

be difficult to do sth 做某事是困难的 例句: 1. He has to do difficult surgery with his special skills that he studied at the university. 他在他从事研究的大学里用他特殊的天赋作了很艰难的手术。

be difficult to do sth 很难做某事 Russian id difficult to learn. 俄语很难学。

be difficult in doing-sth 做某事有困难。 例句 1.And, of course, so surrounded by admirers, she must be difficult in her choice. 追她的人当然很多,她都挑花了眼。 2.This kind of behavior would be difficult in a system with a free...

be difficult for sb to do sth是 为某人做某事是是困难的 difficult 英 [ˈdɪfɪkəlt] 美 [ˈdɪfɪˌkʌlt, -kəlt] adj. 困难的;难做的;难解的;不易相处的 双语例句 Hobart found it difficult to...

It's difficult for me to study math

to be是to do的一个特殊形式 to do是叫作不定式

B for it is difficult for somebody to do something. 对某人来说做某事很困难。固定句式

第一个正确,你可以按以下方式理解: have为动词,动词后面接名词 有困难 have difficulty 这里其实省略了介词in have difficulty in doing sth 在做某事时有困难。 希望可以帮助你。

如果形容词是描述人的性格品质,就用of. 有一个我们老师教的方法,就看这个词能不能与sb连用。比如说kind,nice等应用of,可以说成是sb is kind.再比如说possible就应用for,不能说sb is possible. 希望可以帮到你

I have something to tell you, and please have a sit before it. After a whole night thinking, I think it's better for both of us to ...

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