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是 be difficult for sb ,固定词组 be difficult for sb 对某人来说很困难 例句: It would be difficult for schools to plan for the future. 学校很难筹划未来。 However, abstinence may be difficult for you as you are prone to excess....

be difficult to do 短语 Be very difficult to do 费事 ; 费力 ; 难做 ; 难办 Be hard put to it to do something; be difficult to do something 做..有困难 双语例句 1. This can be difficult to do in developing countries. 在发展中国家...

It's difficult for me to do that thing! 因此是be difficult for sb

应该只有be difficult to do

be difficult to do sth 做某事是困难的 例句: 1. He has to do difficult surgery with his special skills that he studied at the university. 他在他从事研究的大学里用他特殊的天赋作了很艰难的手术。

be difficult in doing-sth 做某事有困难。 例句 1.And, of course, so surrounded by admirers, she must be difficult in her choice. 追她的人当然很多,她都挑花了眼。 2.This kind of behavior would be difficult in a system with a free...

be difficult for sb to do sth 对某人来说做某事是困难的 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

time spend learning health other busy feel study instead because

这句话宾语从句中it是形式主语,真正的主语是: to reach a peaceful conclusion to the conflict. would not be all that difficult 是系表结构,would not be 是谓语部分,all that difficult 是表语,all that 修饰 difficult,做状语成分,...

it'd not be difficult. 是表示对未来发生事情的虚拟,意思是 “它可能不会很难”,并不是百分之百确定,具体也要看前面是否还有条件从句。 it will not be difficult 是将来时态,表示“它不会很难”,语气更加肯定。 有问题请追加~

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