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BE sChEDulED to Do是什么意思

be scheduled to do 计划做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. Mr romney is scheduled to be in ohio today. 罗姆尼计划今天前往俄亥俄州。 2. A beta version is scheduled to be released thursday. beta版本计划在周二发布。 3. Earnings call is sched...

be scheduled for :预定,安排,排定时间或曰期 ;后面接名词或者动名词 be scheduled to 预定,预期;计划做后面接动词原型


be scheduled for后面可以用名词、动词ing、代词。 be scheduled to后面只能接do原形。

1. Of course, the Fund's own unique risk and will not be scheduled to vote to eliminate. 当然,基金本身特有的风险并不会因为定投而消除。 2. The railway is scheduled to be opened to traffic on May Day. 这条铁路准备在“五一”通车。 ...

很明显 be scheduled to 计划做某事 例子: He's scheduled to go swimming.他按计划将去游泳. be scheduled for 是为.准备的,是用来做.的 例子: The goods are scheduled for transport.这些货物是供运输的. 祝好!

前者接sth,名词 后者接do,动词

It is  scheduled to work。

start 这个词没有被动吧。。。 而且在这句话 start 是开始?还是开放的意思?

Be scheduled for something 是为。。。准备的,是用来做。。。的 后面加不了时间

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