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BE+距离+AwAy From什么意思

be xxx(distance) away from some place 距离某地xxx远 e.g. The post office is 1 mile away from here. 邮局距离此地一公里远。


look away from 将目光从。。。。。。移走 双语对照 例句: 1. I've since learned that the reason we couldn't look away from the towers was that ourminds had no way to process the information. 我后来才明白为什么当时无法将目光从世贸...

“be+ 基数词+ 路程单位 +away from +somewhere” 意思是 “距离某地有 ... 远”。例如: Our school is 5 kilometers away from my home.我们学校离我家有5公里远。

swing away 意思是: 摇摆不定 例句: 1.The balance continues to swing away from final examinations to continuous assessment. 期末考试渐渐被连续性评估所取代。 2.Study of Relationship between Frontier Government and NGOs; Marginal...

be carried away with 因为。。。。而神魂颠倒(飘飘然); 双语例句 And while it may be easy to get carried away with edible gardening, don't forget to plant a few flowers to spruce up the look of your garden and also attract bees ...

假如我住的城市鸡西,到我居住的村子明德,相距66km,英语就是 My hometown MingDe is 66km away from my living city JiXi.


不是被动语态, have been 是动词be的现在完成时行式,当主语为第三人称单数时,使用has been的形式。和不同的单词连用,表达不同的意思 一、have been与表示职业的名词连用,用来询问或说明某人所从事的职业。例如: Have you ever been a teac...

My home is three kilometers away from here. 我家离这三公里。

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