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CAn you tAkE A photo For mE?For可以换成on吗

没有 take a photo on me, 只有 take a photo of me - take a photo of me 是 给我拍张照片 ( 我会在照片里 ) - take a photo for me 是 帮我拍照片 ( 我不一定会在照片里. 是你为我担任拍照的任务 )

Can you take a photo on your mobile for me?

1、The disabled man is always trying to stand up. 3、The man is taking a photo of his wife.

Ms Tanya Kiangn, I am SHEN, a photographer from Yanbian China.In the Photo Folio Review of PIngyao photographic exhibition, i offered you ...

taking a photo on sb 给某人拍张照片 例句: 1. My dad sometimes will join me on photo shoots. 我爸有时会和我一起去拍照片。 2. Later, the photographer needs to merge the best characteristics of each photo on acomputer. 稍后,摄影...

这道题哪个都不对,因为 your father是名词,后面不能直接跟介词的,比如有个动词, 你没有把动词写上,后面不可能直接跟介词。 in 在......里 on在,,,,,,上 from从,,,,,, 这都是介词的,介词前面不能有名词,否则句子不完整。

1. Let's go to the picture show. 2. Can I take the camera. 3. They are taking a rest. 4. Are you ready? 5. Can you help us take a photo? 6. Are they sitting on the grass? 7. That girl is tired. 8. Can we plant trees here? 9. Th...

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