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深水跳水,深潜 ----------------- 俚语的deep dive有对某样事物作深入的探索或研究的意思.

deep dive meeting 深潜会议


哥们很遗憾 DEEP DIVE 原版中是无背景歌德 只是个曲 你没视频 一句歌词 真的太难了

do a deep dive 翻译: 做一个深潜水

表面意思是掉入钱海去了 , 应该是 视钱如命 的意思

Do you help your parents do ________?Mrs Green and her family have their _________ house It is very big,so _________have a lot of work to do.Mrs Green asks her children to ____her.Her daughter keeps the house _______and tidy.H...

Giving in to your touchI will never get enoughDive in deep into the oceanOceanOceanOcean 西瓜裤袋 | 2016-07-21 42 17 用知道APP,免登陆提问点击下载 ...

4、冰点(ICE DIVE) - 浅蓝特别的健康香型 ,前调是芬芳的柠檬、薰衣草、和...7、劲能(DEEP ENERGY) - 橙色特别的木本香型 前调柠檬挟裹着柑橘的香气,散发...

Gabrielle Aplin - You and Me (Moments) We can climb the highest mountain Reaching up to catch our dreams Together there is nothing we can't be Dive into the deepest oceans Dance upon the rolling seas Make a moment, keep a memor...

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