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any.do没有直接pc客户端的产品,有一个chrome版的,用浏览器插件去管理。 参考:

Do you have a computer room? 你有一家电脑房吗? computer room 电脑房 / 电脑室 / 计算机房

i use computer to study,play games,search Internet,listen music,and so on.In most case,i use it do homework,solve the problem what i meet in the class or other areas.There are many message and useful way to help us to learning ...

都行 to do 你用计算机做什么? for 你用计算机是为了什么?

c. fewer…less 是对的。 games是可数名词,前面要用fewer修饰;exercise是不可数名词,要用less修饰 【俊狼猎英】团队


The computer is a product of advanced civilization and its invention, according to some people, signals the advent of a Second Industrial Revolution. Formerly a bulky machine that demanded much space, the computer is now becomi...


“定于从句” I am good at English and do well in computer.是一句完整的句子。 I won the first prize in the shool computer competiton.也是一句完整的英语句子。 “that”作为“连词”放在两个句子的中间,就可以将两个独立的句子合并成一个句子。

you can__ your computer__ do__ __ __ __ the internet 中间填什么 You can use your computer to do lots of things on the internet.

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