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For A sEConD or two

love you for a day or two 爱你一天或两天 例句: 1. Only for a day or two. 只是一天或是两天.

都是一两天的意思 不过从语感上来讲 前者更笼统些

1.a/ an + 单名+ or two " 举例: 大多接单数谓语: Only one student or two is absent.只有一两个学生缺席. 2."one or two + 复名"接复数谓语. one or two students are absent.只有一两个学生缺席. 3.two books or three 接复数谓语

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due 用作名词的意思是应有的权利、应交款、应得到的东西,如果表示 “到期”,要用 the date due (形容词作后置定语),所以应该改为 a day or two before the date due。

一天或两天= a day or two. 例子: 1. Please return to this web site in a day or two to retrieve your certificate. 请在一天或两天内回到此网站以检索您的证书。 2. You are likely (but not guaranteed) to get an answer from other user...

青岛英语私塾 为您解答: I will stay in the United States for a year or two.我将在美国待上一两年。

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作定语修饰名词时没有什么区别。如:a two days' holiday = a two-day holiday 做表语:two days,不用连词符,用复数 作定语:two-day,用连词符,用单数

充当句中的状语 其中at least相当于副词 修饰for a week or two.

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