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For A sEConD or two

都是一两天的意思 不过从语感上来讲 前者更笼统些

For best results, take two tablets all at once with a meal or one tablet twice daily with meals.分享到: 2010-02-05 18:54 提问者采纳 为达到最佳...

既然是 second就要是a second thought. ---我想立刻签合同。 --不,出于其他考虑,我希望再等一两天。 希望有用

a state-owned business or in a joint venture, ...There are two reasons for my choice.first,the ...second,if I work in a state-owned business, I...

preferably with a meal 餐饭后使用最佳 双语例句 1 For adults, take one ( 1) capsule one or two times daily, preferably with a meal. 成人每天一或两次,每次一颗,随餐饭后使用较佳。 2 For adults, take one teaspoonful ( 5 g) mixed i...


Defining a good person can provide many different definitions depending on who you ask.The same is true for trying to define a good parent.Parents should have a foundation of love where they actually care about the child.This i...

in a day or two 和 in one or two days -------表达出的意思完全一样。 in a day or two==in one or two days in an hour or so in two or more weeks ==in two weeks or more

作定语修饰名词时没有什么区别。如:a two days' holiday = a two-day holiday 做表语:two days,不用连词符,用复数 作定语:two-day,用连词符,用单数

B 检查考生对非谓语动词的掌握和运用能力。首先,表示“失踪”用be lost;其次,语境中for a week,表示完成概念,所以用过去分词。

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