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For my own pArt

for my part 是需要自己在所评论的事件中有所参与 in my opinion 可以用在对任何事情发表评论

(2*10) 1 For my own part, being careful about my appearance keeps me ___. (confidence) 2 There should be a lot more ___ between the social se...

D 这里考察的是虚拟语气,前面有requirement,这是标志,它的同位语后用虚拟语气,be前面省略should。

for one's own part 为了自己的一部分

6.原文:For my own part,I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery. 译文:依我看来,我认为这不仅仅是一个赢得自由或者沦为...

基本是同义词。by myself 稍微偏向客观事实。即没人帮忙,我自己解决。on my own稍有个人意向,即有人可以帮忙,不过我就是自己解决的。

part-time job this summer vacation,of which I own.I've come to understand how hard my ...for the family.I used to keep on ask them ...

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