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future,a,be,wish,to,have,strong,engineer,an,in,I,the(连词成句) I have a strong with to be an engineer in the furture. 我有一种强烈的愿望,希望未来能成为工程师。 希望可以帮到你(⊙o⊙)哦

能和你交流我很开心,这简直太棒了!谢谢各位路过的神仙姐姐,让你我相遇 我囧了囧 我很开心能与你交谈,谈话很愉快,感谢上帝给了我结识的机会!

This is the hope for the future, this is ...Every person in the world to a life may have ... the author does not wish to emphasize the ...


如果是写在贺卡上: Happy 18th Birthday! (to you 是可有可无的) Wherever we may be in the future, i always wish you to be strong, ...

我一定要坚强,不管未来怎样。 You can to pick me?


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