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gEt on (wEll) with造句

Lily and I get on (well) with each other.Lily和我相处融洽。

前者的意思是 和……相处得好 后者的意思是 和……相处得很好 表示的程度不同

get on well with [英][ɡet ɔn wel wið][美][ɡɛt ɑn wɛl wɪð] 与…相处融洽; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Can you get on well with that strange woman? 你能与那位奇怪的女人相处得好吗?

get on well with 意思是 与什么人相处很好,或者在什么事情方面进展顺利 例如 are you getting on well with your roommate? 你与你的室友相处融洽吗? 或者 i am getting on well with my career. 我的事业发展很顺利。 相关知识点: get on(we...

get on well with sb ,和某人相处很好。本句第一空代替先行词the teachers ,必须用who,排除A和B。关系代词who在定语从句中一定要作成分,加了with,才能作with的宾语。定语从句中:主语the students , 谓语 can get on well with , 宾语who。

get on well with 和...相处得很好 例句: 双语例句: 1.Come on! I get along well with people. 来吧,我跟人相处一直很好。 2.You'd like to get arrested well on that? 这样你就可以让我们逮捕你么? 3.Ah. You did well on your finals? 啊...

I try to get on with my roommate well 我努力与同屋相处好!

没有get well with,而是“get on /along well with” get on/along well with sb.与某人相处融洽 go well with sth.与……相协调 如:He gets on well with his teachers.他和老师们相处融洽. It goes well with your hair.它与你的头发很协调.

"get on well with"意思是"与......相处融洽”,后跟somebody. 例句:He can always get on well with his colleagues. 他总能和同事们和睦相处。 "与......相处融洽”还有以下俩种常见的表达方式:①be on good terms with... ②get along well wit...

how do you get on with your classmates? i think it's easy to answer that question. if you meet up with your friends, you can say, "hello!" your friends must be happy, they will think that you are a polite girl or a boy!if your ...

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