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gEt out和gEt oFF区别

get out 1逃离,逃走如 How on earth did the dog manage to get out? 2get sb out:帮[某人]逃跑[离开某地] 3[本应该保密的消息]泄露:We have to make absolutely certain that none of this gets out. 4get sth out:1)生产,公布,出版,发表:They ...

get out of是从大型车辆(大巴)下来 get off是从小型车(轿车)下来

get on 1.穿上(衣服等);戴上(帽子等);盖上(盖子等): 例句:Get on your rubbers,we have to go out in the rain.穿上你的胶鞋,我们必须在雨天外出。 I can't get the lid on,the box is too full.我盖不上盖子,箱子太满了。 2.开(灯、开关...

get out of 有逃避,摆脱,改掉,从···出去的意思 get off 有下车,离开,脱下(衣服),开始的意思 总的来说,两者并无太多的模糊性,挺容易区分的


get out of v.走出(由...逸,离开) 例句与用法: I've got out of the habit of having a cooked breakfast. 我已不再保持早餐吃热食的习惯. Is Peter up (ie Has he got out of bed) yet? 彼得起床了吗? Inflation has got out of control. 通货...

get out of 从...出来 get out 出来 get off 下车

get out of 有逃避,摆脱,改掉,从···出去的意思。 get off 有下车,离开,脱下(衣服),开始的意思。 get out of强调的是从什么地方下车,get off强调的是下车本身的动作。

get out of ...通常指从小型的交通工具或相对封闭的地点下来或出来. 如 get out of the car / lift (电梯) 公交车属于大型的交通工具,所以用get off the bus

get on: 1.上(车船等);eg.Where did you get on? 2.进展情况,(健康,生活等)情况和get along意思相近;eg.How are you getting on? 3.相处得好;eg.How are you getting on with your friend. get off; 1.下车;They got off the bus and wal...

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