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刃協心阻嫖詫覆議solo 2014定歌紗Mnet Show Me the Money32015定參rapper & producer議附芸竃處No Mercy

G-Dragon & 湊剩 - ゞGood Boy〃

Boy Meets Girl He was a boy She was a girl Can i make it any more obvious He was a punk She did ballet What more can i say He wanted her She'd never tell secretly she wanted him as well But all of her friends Stuck up their nos...

Pixie Lott議 I¨m looking in the mirror and I think I¨m liking what I see. Big, big laughs sounding bad, like I¨m on the T.V. My heart pumps as the bass drum thumps, you gotta move when the so boy jumps. Something¨s going on and...

boy槻頃 girl溺頃

G-Dragon議solo肇crayon頁幡崗霜‐one of a kind/廨辞戦議麼嬉爆載猖載挫螺議匯遍梧崗霜傍梧兆Crayon嗤Crazy喊議吭房祥頁決髄崗霜

匯倖槻頃辛參葎溺頃恂販採並秤。 麿峪頁蝕螺丶 握駅俶塚伉

市きだした突器を豊が 峭めることなど竃栖るだろう はばたきだした泳器を豊に 峭める慇があったのだろう☆ よく笥にしている よく知に需ている よく2繁囂ったりしている 仝シアワセになりたい々って もう採業めになるんだろう 匯悶なにが圀しく...


a friend in london -new tomorrow Come on boys come on girls In this crazy, crazy world You¨re the diamonds, you¨re the pearls Let¨s make a new tomorrow, today Wake up, slow down do nothing right now Breathe in, breathe out did ...

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