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Pixie Lott的 I’m looking in the mirror and I think I’m liking what I see. Big, big laughs sounding bad, like I’m on the T.V. My heart pumps as the bass drum thumps, you gotta move when the so boy jumps. Something’s going on and...

boy男孩 girl女孩


G-Dragon & 太阳 - 《Good Boy》

Boy Meets Girl He was a boy She was a girl Can i make it any more obvious He was a punk She did ballet What more can i say He wanted her She'd never tell secretly she wanted him as well But all of her friends Stuck up their nos...

G-Dragon的solo去crayon,是权志龙【one of a kind】专辑里的主打曲,很嗨很好玩的一首歌,志龙说歌名Crayon有Crazy涌的意思,就是疯狂志龙

歌词“come on boy come on girl”出自权志龙的歌曲《Crayon》。 《Crayon》 歌手:权志龙 词曲:权志龙 所属专辑:《One Of A Kind》 发行公司:YG Entertainment 发行时间:2012-09-15 歌词: GET YOUR CRAYON GET YOUR CRAYON 머리...

ma boy- sistar19


a friend in london -new tomorrow Come on boys come on girls In this crazy, crazy world You’re the diamonds, you’re the pearls Let’s make a new tomorrow, today Wake up, slow down do nothing right now Breathe in, breathe out did ...

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