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happy 形容词:开心的 happier是happy的比较级 更开心的



(注:纯手工翻译,不足之处请见谅。) Have you ever wonder where the story ends, and how it all began, I do 你曾怀疑过爱情会在哪结束又是怎么开始的吗? 我有过 Did you ever dream you were the movie star with popcorn in your hand, ...

歌曲名:Happier 歌手:A Fine Frenzy 专辑:Bomb In A Birdcage Happier A Fine Frenzy Quick kid quick, so harsh and cynical Touches stricken, cold and clinical What a transformation to behold But I don't like this new, I want the old...

歌曲名:Fitter Happier 歌手:Radiohead 专辑:5 Album Set (Pablo Honey/The Bends/OK Computer/Kid A/Amnesiac) Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable, not drinking too much, regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week), getting...

是的可以这样用。much more 是加强happier语气的修饰语。


I couldn't be happier with myself. 我不能再高兴了。 表示我太高兴了! be happy with 怡然自得 by myself表示某件事情是自己做的 I did this task by myself. 我一个人做的这项任务。

少数以-y,-er,ow,-ble结尾的双音节词,末尾加-er(比较级),-est(最高级)。以-y结尾的词,如-y前是辅音字母,则变y为-i,再加-er和-est。以-e结尾的词只加-r和-st。 【例】 clever cleverer cleverest narrow narrower narrowest able abl...

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