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he contents of the report, such as a two-step; and then discuss the two-step method of writing; written methods to reveal the main problems and propose solutions. One or two notes

I love my school.Do you know how my school life is?Let me tell you.I like P.E class because I like doing sports such as playing basketball.We have two P.E ciasses a week,but I think that is not enough.My favorite subject is mat...

Life is like a box of chocolate,you'll never know what you wanna get.However ,I think we could enjoy a happy life with happy English. As a english lover,i enjoy english as well as life.the method of happy life is various,some w...

Happy Primary School Life My name is Daisy, I have a happy and full primary school life. I normally get up at half past six in the morning to go school from Monday to Friday. When I get to school, I do the morning reading and h...

If you work out for an hour a day, you will work for 50 years healthy and live a lifelong happy life.

A sunshine mind. A pleasant life.或A happy life. A relaxed job.把job换成work也可以。

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