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everywhere [英][ˈevriweə(r)][美][ˈevriwer] adv.到处,处处,无论什么地方; 四下里; 漫; 匝地; here and there [英][hiə ænd ðɛə][美][ˈhɪri ənd ðɛr] 在各处,零星分散地;

here and there 各处,到处 So how do you squeeze an extra hour here and there? 所以如何在各处挤出额外的一小时?

here and there 到处,处处 例句用法: Here and there in the garden little flowers had grown up. 花园里各处开着小黄花。 The country is barren, with here and there a fertile spot. 土地荒芜,只是偶尔有一两片沃土。 The essay is well-d...


here int. [用于引起注意] n.&ad. 这里 例句与用法: Life goes on for those of us who remain here below. 对於我们凡人来说,生活依旧。 The fact that I don't like your fiance is neither here nor there what matters is what you feel. ...

两者可以替换使用,here and there比较像小学生用的成语(比较少见),everywhere 是常用的说法。


we shouldn't litter here and there 选A

是, 因为 here , there 是副词, 副词不能作宾语,所以其前面的动词是不及物动词 如 work here , get there , arrive here / there

I looked for it here and there. 我到处找它。here and there 是地点词,补充说明前面的looked for it。

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