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everywhere [英][ˈevriweə(r)][美][ˈevriwer] adv.到处,处处,无论什么地方; 四下里; 漫; 匝地; here and there [英][hiə ænd ðɛə][美][ˈhɪri ənd ðɛr] 在各处,零星分散地;

here and there 各处,到处 So how do you squeeze an extra hour here and there? 所以如何在各处挤出额外的一小时?

This place is very dirty, you can see rubbish here and there. 不是,here and there是副词,和名称没关系;rubbish为不可数名词,自然没有复数。

两者可以替换使用,here and there比较像小学生用的成语(比较少见),everywhere 是常用的说法。

这儿 和那儿


I looked for it here and there. 我到处找它。here and there 是地点词,补充说明前面的looked for it。

here and there 在各处, 零星分散地 We went here and there looking for berries. 我们四处寻找浆果。


歌曲名:Here, There and Everywhere 歌手:Paul McCartney 专辑:Back in the World Here, There And Everywhere To lead a better life I need my home to be here... Here, making each day of the year Changing my life with the wave of her ...

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