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其实没有什么区别。一定要区别的话,moment有点像我们说的“一会儿”没给出多长时间,a minute 一分钟, a while 一小会儿。在说话时wait for a moment/ wait for a while对等。 hold on a minute(分钟) hold on a second(秒钟) 其实,人家叫你...

1. 继续;坚持;保持 The speaker held on for a full hour. 演讲的人讲了整整一个小时。 How much longer do you think we can hold on? 你认为我们还能坚持多久? 2. 不挂断电话 以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供 我个人感觉平时基本上是坚持继...

不只在电话里用啊,还要字面的意思,只是在电话里用的时候等于wait a minute

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b certainly. hold on ,please 当然可以,请不要挂机! (电话常用语)

The secretary asked the woman to hold for a minute.

[Verse 1] Watching the minute hand Frozen solid not moving Still we believe we can But we're afraid of losing Watching from over here It's hardly worth competing I'm almost out of here While breaking a heart that's beating Just...

等一下(Just a minute) wait a minute hold on (接电话时让对方等一下) 稍等一下,请别挂断。 Just a minute. Hold the line, please.

Love is a refugee Ain钬檛 that absurd? You know how it feels When sudden dreams slowly fade to grey This is my independence day She said she钬檇 ...

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