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how Do you FEEl?我感觉不很好怎么用英语答

我感觉不舒服 : I feel sick, I'm not feeling well, I feel uncomfortable ; 上面三种都可以

Hello!和How do you do?很相似。 Hello是见面用语,译为:你好(吗)特指是熟人中用的打招呼的语言 How do you do?也是:你好(吗),不过这句话特指在生疏的人或陌生的人问好,是初次见面时的问候语(用于正式场合) Hello不用用于正式场合,...

how do you do you,歌曲名,是这个吗?我也喜欢。

I'm not feeling well.

一般会用: How are you? How do you do? I'm fine回应,但你这情况可能该用 So far so good.


1.what gift would you give your host or hostess when attending a party? Usually, when people are going to a party, they may bring a bottle of wine to their hosts or hostesses, but some may bring a bunch of flowers, younger par...

My English is not so good My English is just so so 不要用什么POOR,好土,而且实际上没有这种用法,只有中国人觉得这个符合语法。

可以具体点吗,哪方面不好啊!知错,道歉型:It's my fault! I'm wrong! I apologize!

Reality-庾澄庆? Met you by surprise I didn’t realize That my life would change forever Saw you standing there I didn’t know I’d care There was something special in the air Dreams are my reality The only kind of real fantasy Il...

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