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how Do you FEEl

what do you think of 是询问被提问者的想法,倾向于提出意见、建议、解决方法; 而how do you feel about 提问者更关心的是对方的情绪和心理反应,希望能从他身上获得情感上的共鸣。

我感觉不舒服 : I feel sick, I'm not feeling well, I feel uncomfortable ; 上面三种都可以

前三个的 how 是表示程度的副词,句型后面应该带宾语,它们的区别在于各自的动词。 ~how do you feel about ab./sth. 中的 feel 指通过感官得知,所以含义是 “根据你的感觉认为 … 怎么样”; ~How do you like sth. 中 like 指 “喜好” ,含义是...

原句翻译为:你觉得暖和还是凉爽? 因为How do you feel, warm or cool? 是选择疑问句, 因此回答为:I feel warm/cool. 祝好运\(^o^)/~

What's your feeling?

I feel happy today. I sing an English song. I play basketball with my friends. I do my homework well. I feel very happy. And you?

College can be the time of our lives,but we also learn how stressful life can really get.Luckily,I have picked up a few healthy tricks to help students avoid this from happening to them. Tip 1:Avoid the pop.When I came to colle...

How are you feeling? 祝你新年快乐,学习更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

How Do You Feel to be the Only Child in the Family Being the only child in my family, I really live a happy life. My parents provide me with all the things that I need. I can enjoy all the best things at home. But I also have s...

26.B。 It’s OK if it takes you a while to feel yourself again when you go to a new place or meet new people。当你去了一个新地方或者遇到生人,要过一阵子后才能放松自如(感觉自在),这种情况是非常正常的。In fact, everybody gets a ...

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