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i Am not AlonE

名字就是 i am not alone。 是回忆中的玛妮里的歌。很好听。但不知道为什么人气很低

朴政玟 Not Alone ??

Alan Walker的alone

Alone -Alan Walker

就叫 You are not alone 中文叫 永远相伴 Another day has gone 又一日过往 I'm still all alone 我依然孤单 How could this be 怎会如此? You're not here with me 你不在我的身边 You never say good-bye 你从不说再见 Someone tell me why ...

Some days I barely hold on 有些日子我几乎没有坚持下去 When life drags me down 当生活把我拽下来 I wanna let go 我想放手 But when my spirit is weak 但在我精神脆弱的时候 You come to my aid 你来帮助了我 And strengthen my soul 使我...

i'm alone but not lonely 我一个人不孤单 双语对照 例句: 1. I'm not alone but I feel lonely. 前者是:我孤独一人,但我不觉得孤独。

迈克尔·约瑟夫·杰克逊(Michael Joseph Jackson)唱的《You are not alone》,他不是女的!!!以下是歌词 another day has gone i'm still all alone how could this be you're not here with me you never said goodbye someone tell me why did...

Lost in your mind 迷失在你的想法(?灵魂) I wanna know 我想知道 Am I loosing my mind 失去自我 Never let me go 从来不让我走 If this night is not forever 如果今晚不是永恒(?不太会翻) At least we are together 至少我们还在一起 I...


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