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i Am not AlonE

not alone 歌手:all that remains 专辑:the fall of ideals No more No more are the days that I will Fear for I have found a strength that None can match and I'll push forward Never has the blood in my veins Flowed so fiercely as...

Alone 来自 Alan Walker

Alone -Alan Walker

就叫 You are not alone 中文叫 永远相伴 Another day has gone 又一日过往 I'm still all alone 我依然孤单 How could this be 怎会如此? You're not here with me 你不在我的身边 You never say good-bye 你从不说再见 Someone tell me why ...

I am not alone,I have myself. 我并不孤单,我还有我自己。


hat you are not alone 你并不会孤单 For I am here with you 我永伴你身旁 Though you're far away 不管你多远 I am here to stay 我守候在天边 The You Are Not Alone trope as used in popular culture. Disambiguation: This is the WAFFy t...

no more no more=not any more


这句话,是老师在上课时,为了让我们区别"alone""lonely"造的句子 出自各大英语参考书……

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