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it's his skirt.变复数



They're nice skirts.

Where are my skirts ? 或 Where are our skirts. 方法: is 的复数是 are my的复数是 our skirt的复数是 skirts 因为一个人可有多条裙子,所以my 可以改为复数,也可以不改

where are my skirts? 精rui

knives broke Everyone was surprised. Please show him your watch. Yesterday my mother bought me a new skirt.The teacher gave her a gift.How can I help?The two lairs showed it to everyone.Happy New Year's Day they shouted. Took P...

4、Her skirt is as (white) as snow.5、He ...2、It's much hotter (hot) today than yesterday...) as his brother's.(原级比较,另外toys可数复数)...

his pron. 他的and conj. 和;又;而且her pron. 它it's=it iscard n. 卡;卡片ID ...9. skirt 裙子n.10. sale 出售;廉价销售n.11. ...

it, is, six, this, in, sister, his, him, ..., circle, sir, shirt, skirt, dirty, skirt,...复数s及末尾s的读音(Plural s and the ...

I like these skirts. We like these skirts.

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