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it's his skirt.变复数

您好! 第一个对 This 这个 These 这些 所以用These 请采纳一下,谢谢!

Where are my skirts ? 或 Where are our skirts. 方法: is 的复数是 are my的复数是 our skirt的复数是 skirts 因为一个人可有多条裙子,所以my 可以改为复数,也可以不改



it, is, six, this, in, sister, his, him, ..., circle, sir, shirt, skirt, dirty, skirt,...复数s及末尾s的读音(Plural s and the ...

How much are the skirts? What color are the chairs? When does she watch TV? Who is Li Ming's mother? Why does Susan like to eat carrots? What is his favorite subject?


We like those green skirts. 希望能帮到你~ 望采纳! 精~~~~锐

保证答案准确! 1. These are skirts. 2. Are they new? 3. Whose hats are these? 4. Where is your friend? 5. It is too big. 如果你满意我的答案,敬请点击 “选为满意回答” ,谢谢!

His name is Mike. He is only four. It is Saturday. Bob’s family is...八、将下列句子变为单数形式。 1. These are apples. 2. There are many ...

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