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What's her job? her 是形容词性物主代词,表示“她的”。句意是:她的工作是什么? She's a housewife. She 是人称代词,在这里作主语。 你缩写的点 在键盘上切换到英文状态下,点双引号键即可。 【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答。

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(2) She's not only an excellent housewife also a first class mathematician. 她不仅是一个出色的家庭主妇,而且是一位一流的数学家。 (3) Not only does...

My plan Winter came again, this is my elementary school the third since the winter break. Vacation day, the teacher on the blackboard assignments are more common. For me, the teacher arranged for winter operations should be com...

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