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keep away from 远离;keep ...from ... 阻止 keep away from 释义:远离; 读音:[英]ki:p əˈwei frɔm[美]kip əˈwe frʌm; 类别:短语 例句: Keep away from the bad persons . keep ...from ... 释义:阻止 读...

keep sth away 指远离sth。 keep sth off 指使sth不接近,使sth远离

Keep away from是远离 Keep from是隐瞒,阻止,免于,忍住 希望对你有帮助!

Be away from 指远离某物的状态 Keep away from 指远离某物的动作 Far away from 远离的程度更甚

avoid (sth/ doing sth)解释为 to keep away from sb/sth; to try not to do sth 回避;避开;躲避 escape (from) to get away from an unpleasant or dangerous situation 摆脱;逃避 keep away from (sb/ sth)解释为 to avlid going near sb...

keep sb from ,指防止某人做某事,后面接动词。 keep sb away from,指使某人远离,后面接名字。 sb为缩写,全称为; somebody. keep somebody from 【双语例句】: 1、I won't get into definitions of what torture is but it would cause so...



keep away from [英][ki:p əˈwei frɔm][美][kip əˈwe frʌm] (使)不接近; 避开; 远; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. So you keep away from her. 所以你离她远点。 2. They keep away from my life. 他们远离我...

keep away from:使离开,站开. I told the chilren to keep away from the fire. (远离生火) keep off; 不接近,不让接近 Keep off the grass. 勿踏草地

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