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keep away from 远离。。。 Keep away from the bad persons . keep ...from ... 阻止 Nothing can keep me (from ) realizing my dream . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)

keep sb from ,指防止某人做某事,后面接动词。 keep sb away from,指使某人远离,后面接名字。 sb为缩写,全称为; somebody. keep somebody from 【双语例句】: 1、I won't get into definitions of what torture is but it would cause so...

Keep away from me = 离我远点 Keep me away (from something) = 把我和某东西隔开

直译的话都是“远离”的意思。keep away from是“主动”远离的意思,也就是“和。。保持距离”“远离。。”,避免接近的意思;far from 是“被动”远离的意思,“距离。。。很远”的意思。总体上来讲,keep away from强调主动的远离某物,far from 是客观上...

keep away from [英][ki:p əˈwei frɔm][美][kip əˈwe frʌm] (使)不接近; 避开; 远; 例句: 1. So you keep away from her. 所以你离她远点。 2. Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. 远...

keep doing / keep on doing 1) 均可表示“继续做某事,反复做某事”,可互换,只是 keep on 更加强调时间的间隔性和动作的反复性,及某人做某事的决心. He kept on working until midnight though he was tied. The boy kept /kept on asking some si...

keep free from 让自由从 keep away from远离

Keep away from是远离 Keep from是隐瞒,阻止,免于,忍住 希望对你有帮助!

Be away from 指远离某物的状态 Keep away from 指远离某物的动作 Far away from 远离的程度更甚


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