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May I see the menu, please? I've been waiting an hour already. 请问我能看菜单了吗?我已经等了一个小时了。

may l has a menu has 改为have 情态动词后面的动词全部用动词原形 May I have a menu? 我可以看下菜单吗? 我可以有一份菜单吗?

31.C. Please do me a favor. 32.A. chance 33.A. consideration 34.C. worn out 35.B. You must be joking. 36.C. two hours' 37.C. ...

may i have the menu? 给我一份菜单好吗? 双语例句 1 A: May I have the menu, please? What do you recommend? 请把菜单给我,你建议点些什么菜? 2 Unit237 May I have the menu, please? 给我一份菜单好吗?。

可以。。。我可以拿菜单吗? 望能采纳。


Welcome How many? How may I help you today? Can I take your order? Here's the menu. Anything else? Thank you for coming.

B, A, A, B, C B, C, B, B,C 先把第一大题的答案给你

那位大神给个答案供参考 1. D、committed 承诺2. B、set out 开始(做...)3. C、cover up 打掩护4. B、respectable 可敬的5. D、at other times 在...

All Axe on theme and choose Set as System Theme from the context menu. ...It may be hard for you to edit the theme so it may not work for all...

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