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make mincemeat of 彻底击败 make mincemeat of 彻底击败

是指 肉馅计划 通过战略欺骗希特勒,得到错误的情报,分散了希特勒的兵力,从而使攻击西西里岛变得容易,而希特勒一时尚未反应过来,造成德军大量伤亡,岛屿被攻陷。 详情请搜索 肉馅计划 百科

And then, you need to chop the vegetable and the meat into mince and stir them together. The materials of the stuffing can be chosen according to ...

怎样用英语表达汉堡包的制作过程MOVE:1. Mince meat stuffing, only not being broken very much. Onion is sure to become the onion circle. Bread bisects....

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