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new,shirt,my,where,is 连词成句: Where is my new shirt?

原题 it my new is T-shirt 连词成句 It is my new T-shirt . Is it my new T-shirt ?

1. That is a new T-shirt. 那是一件新的衣服。 2. Look at my yellow shirt. 看看我的黄衣服。 3. Mike, this is for you. 迈克, 这是给你的。 4. This is my brother. 这是我哥哥 / 弟弟。

1:That is a new T-shirt. 2:Look at my yellow shirt. 3:Mike,this is for you. 4:This is my brother.

Can I wear my new shirt today? 今天我能穿我新买的衬衫吗?

shirt、make、let's、a连词成句: Let's make a shirt! 让我们做件衬衫吧!

Whose T-shirt is this? (这是谁的T恤?)

yours is this shirt连词成句 参考答案: This shirt is yours. Is this shirt yours? 以上为参考答案!

This is a white black shirt.这是件黑白相间的衬衫。

Who is the boy in a black t-shirt.

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