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not right

不正确 ,错误


l'm not right 我是不对的 l'm not right 我感觉不舒服 l'm not right 我是不对的


Friday night you and your boys went out to eat 星期五晚上你和你的朋友们出去用餐 Then they hung out, 他们出去了 but you came home around three 你却半夜3点才回来 If six of ya'll went out 你说你们有6个人 then four of you were real...

歌曲名:I'm Not Allright 歌手:Shinedown 专辑:Amaryllis 卐 Song title: I'm Not Alright 卐 All dressed up In a white straitjacket Shut your mouth No, you can't have it Paper airplanes Open window Here today And gone tomorrow I lik...

是名词,你只要记住冠词(a,an和the一般后面都是接名词或名词短语) 单词right多数情况做形容词,表示正确的,好的,但是也可以做名词,权利。英语和汉语一样一词多义,一词多词性多词义很正常的

Jar of love 曲婉婷

有些不正确; Something's not right, I can feel it in my bones. 出了点错,我可以凭直觉感觉到。

lt's not right to__ me abuse It's not right to abuse me. 辱骂我是不对的。

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