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shop online是动词(online 是修饰作用)。如:I often shop online. shopping online是动名词词组 如:Shopping online is efficient. 纯粹的回答,非复制黏贴。望采纳

前面一个应该是名词,网上购物,好象是偏正短语,偏名词性,强调是个动作名称 后面是个动词,在网上购物,强调这个动作的过程,你参考下。

online shop 意思就是: 网上商店,网络购物 To buy this book, please visit our online shop. 要买这本书,请访问我们的网上书店。

alu online shop ALU的网上商店

online shop网店 online marketing网络营销。 market做名词,意思为市场,作动词,是营销。

online shopping [英][ˌɔnˈlain ˈʃɔpɪŋ][美][ˌɑːnˈlaɪn ˈʃɑpɪŋ] 网购;

With the popularity of the Internet,more and more people do shopping online.Without going out of their home,they may look for whatever items they want and pay online only by clicking the mouse.A couple of days later,the goods t...

online shopping 稍正式一些,但平时还是用shopping online 较多一些。

Online shopping has become something very common for young people, however, it's not easy for the old people to buy things on the internet. Therefore, offline Daigou stores, or buy-for-you stores, are becoming popular among the...

Online Shopping Today, with the rapid development in electronic commerce, business are attempting to gain great popularity by using online shopping to interact with customers. According to Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Gr...

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