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thErE is Big BED

先提问:What's in the house? 让孩子自己回答 there is a bed in the house. 精锐巨峰陶老师

There is not a big bed


My bed also (Reprinted from Digest of Education,please keep this tag.) With a wool,I often sleep on it,was warm and comfortable.I have a bed,appliances,above my favorite cartoon images:a cute little cat. ...

Is there a big bed?


I don't call it love(我不认为这是爱) Come take me in your heart(让我进入你的心中) Oh I can't get enough(噢我就是不能满足) I known we will nerve part(我知道我们不会分开) We are nightbirds my baby(我们是夜猫子 我的宝贝) Nightbird...

There is not a big bed there is not a big bed的中文翻译 there is not a big bed 这不是一个大的床

there( is )a big bed.

There is a big bed in my room.有一个大床在我的房间.There are some shoes under the bed.有一些鞋子在床底下.There is a yellow desk in my room.有...

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