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be就是do的具体形式,want to be 是想成为,想变得。want to do 是想要做,就是to后面接不同的动词意思不一样而已,都是想要做某事的意思

wants to 接动词原形,即to do 构成动词不定式。 She wants to finish reading the book in three days. 她想在三天内读完这本书。

这句话主要是时间状语表达错误。英语规定,像morning,afternoon和evening这样的时间词,如果前面使用了指示代词this或者that,那么它们之前的介词必须被省略掉。而且,this 表示将来的时间,that 表示过去的时间。因此正确表达应该是this after...

不知道你说的是这哪两首,歌词中都有everybody wants to know 的selena gomez - kiss tellMark Owen - Four Minute Warning

在一般现在时中,如果主语是第三人称单数(比如he/she/it/my friend/Tom等等),后面的动词要用单三形式(如want变形为wants)

One day a rich man wanted to sell some goods in another town and buy some things there. He to take ten servants(仆人) with him. They would carry the goods and also some to eat on their way. The rich man said to of his servants,...

Whom does Helen want to see?

歌名:Everybody 歌手:Ingrid Michaelson Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody 试听、下载: 歌词: Sometimes in the morning 有时候早上...

主语是it ,she或者he就得用三单。 want to be想成为,,, 如:he wants to be a doctor.他想成为一个医生 -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢。

歌曲名:Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 歌手:Albert King 专辑:Lovejoy --Kenny Chesney Ft. the Wailers-- -=《 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 》=- Preacher told me last Sunday mornin` Son, you better start livin` right Yo...

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