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问别人对某事物有何看法我们常用以下两个句型: 1 What do you think of ...? 2 How do you like ...? 但是很多人都会混淆,误用了How do you think of ...?

作用相同的三种: what do you think about How do you like how do you feel about

what do you think of ...就等于 How do you like?这两个是一个意思的不同用法.意思是:你觉得.怎么样? 例如 What do you think of the movie?= How do you like the movie? 你觉得那部电影怎么样 都可以回答:Well,I think it is interesting.我...

两者都是对的,但是一般是常用:what How / What do you think of... 你认为······怎么样? 用法透视 这个句型用来询问对方对某事的看法,也可以说"How do you like...".当然对这样的问题不能简单地用"yes"或"no"来回答,而要具体说明理由. 支持范例...

what do you think about ...?/How do you like ...? The law needs you to wear seat belts. I will attend the meeting in instead of you. The rules need us all to be present

How do you like

what do you think of+名词/ 代词宾格? 是固定句型,意思是“你觉得/认为……怎么样” 它的同义句是:How do you like +名词/代词宾格? 如 1. What do you think of the film ? =How do you like the film ? 你认为这部电影怎么样? It's interesti...

是what do you think of sth.?正确 等于 how do you like sth

(1)think of与think about这两个短语表示下列意义时,可以互换. ①考虑 eg: Don't think of/about me any more.不要再考虑我. ②对……有某种看法 eg: What do you think of/ about the film 你认为那部影片怎么样 (2)think of表示下列意义时,一般不...

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