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whAt sportsDoyouplAy作文英语

I love playing sports very much, and I think it's very important to play sports if you have enough free time, because it can give me much energy for my studies, and it can help me relax myself. I usually play sports very early ...

whatsportsdoyouplay? 你做什么运动?

what sports do you play at school? 你在学校玩什么运动? I play basketball 我打篮球 希望可以帮到你望采纳谢谢

what's sport do you play? why. 你玩什么运动?为什么。

what time do you play sports 你什么时候做运动 你什么时候做运动

of course,i always do some sports in my spare time.Because i believe frequently exercise is the best way to help me keep a good shape

如果what sports do you play?不加after school这句子也行? 行的,意思稍稍改变,第一个有时间限制,第二个没有时间限制 还有He likes his father like /动词,喜欢他的爸爸 He is like his father这两句意思依样 like在is后面做介词,表示像,...



I/we often/usually play sports on Saturdays. 问题:周六你/你们一般做什么? ——我/我们经常在周六做运动

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